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29 August 2007 @ 03:17 am

AnCafe - BondS ~ Kizuna [PV]

Languages: English / German
Translated: 100% [English]
Timed: 100%
Style added: 100%
Karaoke: 90% <<<<<<< current state
Checked: 0%
Uploaded: 0%

A gift from jrock_fansubs for all the Cafekkos out there!!!


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15 August 2007 @ 05:08 pm
Do you want to help us but you don't know how?
Then you are right here :D

You can help us with various things such as:

☆ Translations
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☆ Timing
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☆ Editing
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☆ Checking
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Leave a short comment here why you want to join and with what you can help us, I'll contact you then and add you to the community :3

thanks for helping us~♥
14 April 2007 @ 10:29 pm
Fot those who have the Original DVD of our Projects we sub, there is a high change that we can provide you softsubs to play along the DVD you bought.

The program is called DVD Subber and it's for free. I'm testing it to see if it works propper so for those who have the DVD they can just download the subs and watch it. So you don't have to download the whole file for viewing it with subs (and you can watch it in HQ like that :P!!!)
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01 August 2007 @ 06:32 pm
This community will be releasing fan-subs from various JRock artists! I was sick of the crappy hard-subs spreading the web and also that particularly nobody does subs for our dear Jrockers (we have the whole Johnny world subbed so why not them as well?!!!!)

We are doing...

☆ hard-subs
☆ soft-subs
☆ subs to play along the Original DVD
(depends if people want it!)


☆ movies
☆ concerts
☆ backstage
☆ miscellaneous

The languages we are doing it in...

☆ English
☆ German

Note: If you're fluent in other lanuages you're free to contact us here.


All Subs will be OPEN, so you only need to "add" us to your friends-list, don't ask to join! (Members are only people helping us with the subs! If you want to help us comment here)

Note: we might change the friend-/membership option in the future but we will inform you if we do so ^-^

We'll upload to….

☆ Megaupload
☆ Sendspace
☆ Mediafire

and I probably will do a torrent file.


Operator: pukadesu
Moderator: pukadesu nana_raspberry

☆ for subs ☆


How you can help us / join us:

Leave a short comment here why you want to join and with what you can help us, I'll contact you then and add you to the community.

have fun~ ♥
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